Egypt Valley Paranormal

Spirituality in the Supernatural

**************UNDER CONSTRUCTION********************

These pictures were taken by one of our members during a vacation trip over the July 4th holiday.

Devils' Den. Looks like a person between the boulders, probably a tourist.

Brenda took this picture from the street. She's in front of the soldier so she's hidden. that's my brother in the red ball cap. We presume that's the soldier who is also reflected in the window to my bro's left. They look alike. We just don't know why he was reflected in profile. Any thoughts on that?

This has a story. they were taking a walking tour. As they passed this store, which is across from the Jenny Wade house, the guide mentioned that the store is so haunted, they always have a "help wanted" sign in the window. She said there are two soldiers that appear to the right of the store and walk around the back. She also said they see Jenny and she's always dressed in black. As she was speaking, Brenda turned and took this picture. But at the time, no one saw the lady in the black dress. I asked  Brenda and a couple other people that been to Gettysburg if they had ever seen anyone in costume like that. They said they saw plenty of period dresses, but no black ones. I find this pic eerie.

This is Jenny Wade.

This was taken in the area where Jenny and her friends used to meet. There have been reports that people have seen the actual apparitions here.
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