Egypt Valley Paranormal

Spirituality in the Supernatural

                 "She considers that a family of such antiquity and importance has the right to a ghost."

                                               -Charles Dickens  Bleak House






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Paranormal Checklist

Have you ever seen someone or something in your peripheral vision?

Have you ever gotten "goosebumps" or the hair on the back of your neck stand up for no discernable reason?

Do you pets act strangely, bark at nothing or watch invisible things?

Do things move or get lost in your home, then just seem to reappear?

Have you ever felt that someone was watching you?

Have you noticed certain areas in your house that are inexplainably cold or warm that may appear and disappear?

Do your electronics act up at times, shut themselves on & off, ect?

Have you heard voices or music when there was no reason for them?

Have you seen your children talking with their imaginary friends a little too much? Do they tell you about it?

These are some of the issues that we have heard as paranormal investigators. They are the reason people contact us. These can be signs of paranormal activity in your home or business.  We can confirm or debunk these issues with  scientific methods and our specialized equipment.

Who We Are

 We are a group of dedicated individuals who investigate possible cases of paranormal activity. We have a core group of investigators with several years of experience, and we also employ trainees.We follow a strict protocol for our investigations. All members have extensive training on the use of all equipment, gathering and correlation of data, research and interviewing.

 We named our group after Egypt Valley, which is outside Hendrysburg, Ohio. It is known as a very active spirit area, due to legends and the presence of numerous cemeteries. The two most well-known are Salem Cemetery  and Circle Cemetery, but there are many hidden family graveyards throughout the area. It was well populated at one time with farms until it was taken over by strip mining and the construction of Interstate 70.

 It is the site of several ghostly legends.Many people claim to see packs of "Hell Hounds" running through the area.They say they guard the cemeteries. There is also a legend of a mysterious house with seven red candles burning in the windows.But when it is approached, it disappears. There are also stories of  "witch covens" and sacrifices, ect. None of this has ever been confirmed.


The most well known ghost story about the area is that of Louiza Catharine Fox and Thomas D. Carr.

Louiza Fox was a thirteen-year-old girl who lived in the area with her family. She was dating a local coal miner, Thomas D. Carr. They met through a common employer, Alex Hunter. Thomas worked at the coal mine Mr. Hunter owned, and Louiza worked as a servant in Mr. Hunter's home. Thomas was madly in love with Louiza and planned to marry her. Louiza's parents were fine with this plan until they started to hear stories about Thoma's violent mood swings and actions. Also, they weren't sure they approved of the large age difference.

Thomas Carr was furious when he heard that Louiza and her parents wanted to end their engagement. On January 21, 1869 he waited behind a fence on the road Louiza took home from work every night. He finally saw her walking down the road with Willy, her little brother. Thomas sent Willy home so he could talk to Louiza. They didn't do much talking though. He kissed her, then slit her throat with a razor and stabbed her fourteen times. He threw her body in a nearby ditch and hid at a local bank.

Louiza's little brother saw Thomas Carr kill his sister from a distance. He ran home and told his parents who got a search party together to find him. They found him the next morning badly wounded...he had tried to kill himself by slitting his throat and shooting himself. His attempt was worthless though, he was arrested and his wounds were treated.

Thomas Carr was sentenced to death five days later by Judge Way. He laughed when his sentence was read, and it was reported that he said that he did "not care a damn if it was to be tomorrow."

On March 8, 1870, Thomas Carr made a full confession to Louiza's murder, and he also admitted to killing fourteen other people. He also said he attempted to murder at least five more. Many thought this was a lie though since he was known to exaggerate. On March 24, 1870, Thomas D. Carr was the first person legally hanged in Belmont County.

Today, people claim to see the ghosts of Louiza and Thomas wandering Egypt Valley. Louiza is often seen weeping near her grave at nearby Salem Cemetery or at the spot of her murder. There is a stone marker at the spot of the murder (pictured above). For directions to the site, click here.

Thomas Carr is also said to haunt this area. People see his spirit wandering around the area close to the murder site. Pretty creepy!

(Taken from the graveaddiction website, see links)

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

What We Believe

Through our personal and professional experiences, we believe in  existence beyond the confines of the physical body whether they be ghosts, hauntings or true spirits. We also believe there are some who need or want to communicate with our dimension.

Our Methods

We use several methods to investigate. Digital, 35mm and Polaroid cameras; digital, infrared night vision and 8mm video recorders; digital thermometers;compass,Gauss, ELF and CellSensor EMF meters;digital and cassette voice recorders; motion detectors; crystal pendulum and divination rods. We are also very fortunate to include a sensitive on our team.
We prefer to do our investigations during night conditions when there would tend to be less chance of false positives.
Some of our equipment.

Contacting Our Team

All investigations are free.
When first contacting us, we will conduct an interview for assessment purposes and to determine the procedure for conducting our investigation.
Your inquiry will be totally confidential and professional.

Our Location

We are located in Belmont County, Ohio and serve central/east Ohio, western West Virginia and the WV panhandle. If you live outside these areas, we can connect you with a group closer to your home.




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